Optimizing the Performance of People and Businesses


At The Performance Group of Arizona we help our clients
optimize the performance of their business by optimizing the performance
of their most important asset…the people in the business.


From leadership and management development to strategies and resources that will optimize the performance of every person in your business and subsequently drive business performance and revenues to new levels.

We believe the core of a business is all about people, process, and performance.  And every business, regardless of the product or service being provided,
rises and falls on the performance of their people.

    Joseph Rosales


    The Performance Group AZ

    Joseph has traveled the globe inspiring people and businesses to perform at their best.

    Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker for your corporate event or conference,

    or need an inspiring and motivational talk

    for an in-house event, Joseph brings

    decades of experience, business wisdom, and

    practical advice to your group.

    Looking for ways to optimize your business and your results? 

    We offer customized consulting and coaching packages.

    Whether you simply need some advice, or desire a more comprehensive consulting and coaching program, we offer in-person consulting and coaching, as well as remote advice to provide you with solutions and support that will help you accomplish your objectives.

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    Mastermind Groups

    are one of the most powerful resources you can tap into.

    The power of an organized group of

    like-minded people who are collaborating and synergizing together to solve business challenges and explore opportunities is one

    of the most important resources you can

    tap into when you are seeking to improve your business, and ultimately your life. 


    Joseph personally leads

    each of our Mastermind Groups and brings

    his global experience as a business coach, consultant and mentor to facilitate the mastermind process.




    Phoenix, Arizona